Saturday, 31 August 2013

Reverse Racism

An issue that has been bothering me and the guy who made Aarakshan is the pretentious system of caste reservations in politics and education. What it essentially does, when boiled down to its most formative components, is it gives people from "backward" castes a head start in college education and political seat acquirement. How I wish that was a Bill O'Reilly-esque exaggeration and not the actual essence of reservations.

For the oblivious: Bill O'Reilly is Arnab Goswami with double the sensationalism.

Not only is it an ethical disaster, it is also severely unconstitutional. On the ethical front, I would like to bring to focus the irrational generalization of entire groups of castes as "disabled" in a manner of speaking, kind of like that kid who needs a forklift to get into the school bus.

"Gee, thanks for this, mister! Can I have an advantage on my university application as well?" 

It is compliant of the unfounded notion that all citizens of a particular group of castes on a lower part of a religiously driven hierarchy are intellectually suppressed, and need upliftment; incidentally, this same notion's results are counter-effective in that they promote the resentment people from "higher" castes feel towards the "lower" ones. This is against the very purpose of the reservation system, which is to combat racial prejudices, not to elevate them. Not to mention I can bribe a municipality clerk to convert me to a lower caste.

However, I can't say that it'll be cheap.

Generalizing the limited opportunity available to some communities is not something for the government to do, it is for a local politician running for mayor appealing people to vote for him primarily for the sake of his belonging to their community. The government also undermines its public education system in reservations, a prejudice that is true, but not something to base decisions off of; it is something that needs to be fixed. 

Some of us are rich and suck at learning, but get better opportunities anyway. Yay equality!

And that brings me to the constitutional part. This system is in no way constitutional; this is obvious to anyone who has even glanced at the Preamble of the Indian Constitution printed on the poorly recycled front page of every NCERT textbook and seen its stance on equality. Equality is something that should go both ways; a person shouldn't be given a better opportunity at higher education just because they had to study under a streetlight. Although it is conceded that by this logic, Reverse Racism is a misnomer, that's the only way to describe this situation. Giving the short kid a box to stand on is one thing, assuming that he is short because he's Chinese is another.


  1. It seems you have never stepped out of your closeted city home.

    If you are pretending that caste based discrimination don't exist, then you are either naïve or intentionally acting as one.

    1. It seems you have never stepped out of your caste bubble, if you think caste system is prevalent in big cities then you are either naive to intentionally acting as one.

      We are not held back as much by racists themselves as we are held back by such reservation laws. You default every one to be a racist until proven otherwise, that's a very unhealthy way of looking at things.

    2. Caste based discrimination does exist, no denying that. However, reservations don't exactly help in their elimination; they also promote resentment on the part of the so-called higher caste citizens. Also, caste based discrimination isn't a good thing, yet it is now institutionalized into our laws because of "unequal opportunities", something that is based off of--I reiterate--a religiously driven hierarchy that is irrelevant to this century, or at least should be.

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